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FestiVille @

Juniper Springs


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At FestiVille, our mission transcends the construction of buildings or design of regenerative landscapes; it's about cultivating a vibrant, thriving community where innovation, collaboration, and shared prosperity flourish.

Our community is more than a place to live or visit; it's a dynamic ecosystem where our projects support an
onsite micro-economy.

Together, we're redefining the concept of community stewardship.

Sunset over pond Juniper Springs

Welcome Home

We are happy to welcome you to nearly 44 acres of wild terrain, gorgeous views, and 4 private swimming ponds. We are creating a Springs Spa, Event Center, Makers Space, food forest, adding a whimsical art park, luxurious accommodations and more!

We are a private membership association and our land is mostly reserved for our members. For temporary guest members we offer glamping, camping, farm stays, healing retreats, weddings, adventure tours and more!


Now booking events for 2024

Let us create a unique stay for you, filled with memories to last a lifetime.  

Sunset over pond Juniper Springs

What is FestiVille?

We are creating a regenerative enterprise & lifestyle incubator fostering collaborative innovation, ecological living & wellness. The micro-village will provide high quality, affordable, intergenerational housing. While the incubator will support the creation of regenerative enterprises.

Vision Statement:​

A thriving planet where all humans engage in their creative genius. 


Mission Statement:​

Cultivating a culture of innovation and wellbeing.

Welcome home!

Live your creative dream @ FestiVille

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