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Inspiration from

FestiVille: Juniper Springs

Vision Statement:

  • A world where people fully engage their intuitive creative genius in alignment with themselves, each other and the planet. 


Purpose Statement:

  • To be an intergenerational, replicable example of a culture that nurtures creativity, innovation and regenerative stewardship.


FestiVille as a Noun:

As a noun, FestiVille represents a physical space, a vibrant community hub designed with regenerative principles. It is a place where individuals from around the world converge to co-create, share ideas, and immerse themselves in the regenerative dream. FestiVille, as a noun, embodies the tangible manifestation of our commitment to building regenerative spaces—physical environments that harmonize with nature and foster a sense of community.


FestiVille as a Verb:

As a verb, FestiVille is an action, a dynamic process of actively engaging in the creation of regenerative spaces and innovative technologies. It goes beyond being a static concept; it's about participating, collaborating, and contributing to the ongoing development of spaces that prioritize sustainability, creativity, and community. FestiVilling involves both in-person and digital events, showcasing our commitment to inclusivity and leveraging technology to extend the reach of our regenerative vision globally.

FestiVille as both a noun and a verb encapsulates a holistic approach, encompassing not only physical spaces but also the dynamic, ongoing efforts to innovate and regenerate through events that bring people together, whether in person or in the digital realm.

Festiville presents a compelling vision for regenerative village living and learning. By integrating an Innovation Incubator Maker Space and an Educational Agroecology Demonstration Farm within the Juniper Springs tiny house village, FestiVille aims to provide not only affordable and sustainable, intergenerational housing but also opportunities for entrepreneurship, creativity, and ecological education. Backed by extensive market research and comprehensive financial projections, Festiville's holistic approach and innovative components, demonstrate the viability, market potential, and impact of this unique initiative.

FestiVille is creating a regenerative enterprise and lifestyle incubator fostering collaborative innovation, ecological living and wellness. By providing different levels of membership we address a variety of needs. The micro-village will provide high quality, affordable, long term, intergenerational housing. While the incubator will support the creation of regenerative enterprises including: a makerspace (with the facilities for research, design, innovation and production), an agroecology center (demonstrating earth stewardship practices), a nomadic hub (for van-lifers, digital nomads & glampers) and a wellness spa (with sauna & hot pools). 

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