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A team of designers, builders, developers, & creatives, worldwide committed to creating FestiVille as an incubator for regenerative community.

Common Grounding (development association) is creating regenerative villages that foster community, innovation, and ecological awareness. By stewarding land and building affordable, intergenerational eco-communities, Common Grounding seeks to address affordable housing needs while providing opportunities for entrepreneurship, creative expression, and education.

Vision Statement: Stewarding land to create regenerative, creative, communal living spaces for community to thrive.


Mission Statement: We help creative land-stewards build affordable, intergenerational eco-communities in which to work, play, and live. 

Meet some of our Common Grounding Team

Melissa Orion-0816.jpg

Melissa Orion, Co-Creator @ FestiVille: Juniper Springs

'I am an enthusiastic supporter of Earth and all her creatures. I love to instigate play in the process of building and co-creating. I believe Life IS Art, we just need to see it!'

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