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The Play*Station
Tool Library and MakerSpace

Every community can benefit from sharing tools and skills. Join our membership program to help us build this much needed offering for our community and template how to reproduce them worldwide.  



The goal of a community tool-library is to reverse the over commercialization of our lives and form more resilient bonds in our communities. A community tool shed (or lending library) is for the ‘renting’ or sharing of tools for garden, recreation, home or craft/art projects: Wood working, gardening, metal smithing, bike repair, car repair, painting etc.

Our tool library will have everything you need to complete household tasks or for most creative projects. 

What is it?

Makerspaces, otherwise known as fab labs, TechShops, or hackerspaces, are community spaces that offer access to tools and resources for public use. Typically, you will find technology and equipment at makerspaces such as 3D printers, soldering irons, laser cutters, and more. Our community creativity space will also include a movement/theater space, a commercial kitchen, and a music production studio with rehearsal spaces. We intend to offer anything necessary for our community members to thrive in their creativity. Private art studios also available for our onsite members.

Music Production
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